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What My Clients Are Saying

Sierra is one of the most skilled practitioners I have ever worked with. I always feel expanded, more aligned to my knowing, grounded, and freer after my sessions with her. Though I am a wellness practitioner myself, there are many things I cannot clear on my own. I am super selective on who I received support from and Sierra is one of the main people I turn to when I am in need of assistance. She has this way of accessing my subconscious mind with amazing precision and accuracy. Though it feels like she has a window into my mind and there is nothing I can hide from her, I never feel vulnerable or exposed. She has a beautiful way of identifying where I am stuck without triggering any feelings of embarrassment. She can call me out on any behavior, and from Sierra, I only feel compassion for my human journey. I feel completely safe to be vulnerable and real with Sierra. Having the opportunity to receive her assistance has been a blessing as I notice profound changes from our sessions. Sierra has helped me make giant steps forward; helped me form new thought patters; change limiting behaviors; experience my joy and much more. I am so grateful for Sierra!

“I went to Sierra for hypnotherapy to help me deal with some anxiety I was experiencing. Sierra was amazing. She took the time to explain how hypnotherapy works, what I should expect, and how to best prepare myself for our sessions. I have done hypnotherapy before with great results but Sierra took it to another level. I felt very safe and comfortable with her. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing help managing anxiety, stress, or depression.”

“Sierra has aided me in countless ways over the years. If you are ready for this, don't hesitate!”

"Sierra is such a gift to the world! I have been working with her for just a month now, and she has moved mountains for me! I am so happy with the changes in myself and the things I am learning! I knew I could expect great things going in, however, I had no idea how great! How life changing! I am amazed by Sierra and the way she can automatically make you feel loved and safe and validated. Thank you so much!"  T.F.

  • Let us create the ideal blend of techniques to support your wellness.

    1 hr

  • Create a hypnotic state to remove obstacles

    1 hr

    185 US dollars
  • A unique combination of Reiki, Chakra work, and intuitive energy.

    1 hr 30 min

    200 US dollars
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